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We have assembled the most complete list of CDL training schools on the internet, along with a lot of helpful news and advice about truck driver training. Our goal is to be the #1 source for truck driver training on the internet. Our staff is compromised of trucking industry experts with years of experience in the truck driver training business. Our focus is to provide the best information available on the internet about CDL training. Our site offers information about company-paid CDL training programs, traditional tuition-based CDL training, study guides for the CDL tests, trucking company profiles, and many more features to help better prepare future truck drivers. Most people want their CDL license so they can start a new career and provide a better standard of living. That’s why each month we’ll offer a featured trucking company offering entry-level driving positions and company-paid CDL training.

You’ve made a wise choice to check out USATruckDrivingSchools.com and learn more about a professional truck driving career. Completing a certified CDL training program and getting your Class A Commercial Drivers License can be your guarantee of long-term stable employment. The United States is experiencing a huge shortage of professional truck drivers, this shortage of drivers is projected to continue through at least the end of the decade. Starting driver pay is skyrocketing and there’s never been a better time to start a new truck driving career.

Our truck driving school directory is designed to help you find CDL training close to you. Some of the truck driver training schools offer regional training campuses and company-paid training programs. Many different terms are used in the trucking industry for schools – CDL schools, CDL training, CDL driver training, trucking school, truck driver training, truck driver school, or truck driving school. No matter what, a good truck driver training school will provide you with a lot of behind the wheel driving time coupled with classroom instruction on techniques and regulations. Learning safe driving skills is the biggest key to your success as a truck driver.

Career Decisions

Freedom of the Open Road
By Jack Humphrey, Staff Writer
Article last updated on 4/24/2007

For many, the appeal of the open road is one of most important factors in the decision to become a professional truck driver. Unlike a lot of jobs, truck drivers lead a more independent lifestyle, traveling the country and getting paid for it. Sure, ... Read More

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Truck Driver Demand

The Demand for Truck Drivers Widens in 2007
By Howard Stihlman, Staff Writer
Article last updated on 2/12/2008

Have you ever wondered how most things you buy get to their destination? You guessed it – trucks. And where there are trucks, there’s a need for people to drive them. In fact, over three million drivers are employed in the trucking industry, yet truc... Read More

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Special Feature Report

How to Choose a CDL Training School
By Mac Longacre, Veteran Truck Driver & Staff Writer
Article last updated on 9/18/2008

I get asked this question a lot – “How do I choose a truck driving school?” For many people, one of the hardest career decisions they will make is where to get training. There are a lot of options when it comes to learning to drive a truck. There are... Read More

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The World of Truck Drivers

Understanding Trucker Talk
By Tracy Trickle, Staff Writer
Article last updated on 8/23/2007

Almost every group of people around the world has a special language: a way to communicate that only its members understand. The truck driving industry is no different. Although it may sound funny to the average person, driving a ‘bobtail’ or maki... Read More

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Interesting News Around The Trucking Industry

PTSI Annual Golf Outing Brings Out Trucking's Best Golfers
By Tracy Trickle, Staff Writer
Article last updated on 1/23/2008

.......................... Read More

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