C1 Truck Driver Training - Fort Wayne

As one of the trucking industry’s most productive regions, the Midwest holds hundreds of opportunities for anyone looking to get into a job in transportation and especially in trucking. But even though there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to a truck driving school, very few trucking schools have the proven track record of this month’s Featured CDL School, C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

C1 Truck Driver Training’s Fort Wayne campus offers students the ability to learn the necessary skills to become a licensed truck driver in a relaxed, intimate setting. The school sits on the southeast side of the city and has easy access to both rural and city streets as well as nearby Interstate 69. This is a great advantage for students to have experienced as many driving situations as possible before getting behind the wheel of a truck on their own. The class sizes at C1’s Fort Wayne campus are kept small to give student truck drivers lots of personal attention and to create a positive learning environment.

Anyone who’s ever looked into attending a truck driving school knows that the most important part of your training is the behind-the-wheel time. Over the course of C1’s 3-week CDL training program, students spend an industry-leading 80 hours driving and practicing backing, turning, and coupling a tractor trailer. The instructors at C1 know that the more time you spend behind the wheel, the better and safer a driver you will be, so the 80 hours is spent actually driving the truck instead of watching someone else do it.

Fort Wayne also takes pride in its training fleet – the campus offers 10 late-model trucks that are regularly maintained and regarded and some of the best training trucks in the industry. The equipment that students train with at C1’s Fort Wayne campus is comparable to the same trucks they will drive as a licensed driver, so graduates are guaranteed to be fully prepared to begin their driving careers after training.

At C1 Truck Driving Training in Fort Wayne, students will find a well-equipped facility, knowledgeable instructors, and some of the trucking industry’s best training equipment. Once they graduate, they will find an endless amount of opportunities after being trained at one of the best truck driver training schools in the country. If you are interested in attending this quality school, visit www.ftwayne.c1training.com.

C1 Truck Driver Training - Fort Worth

Deep in the heart of Texas, you will find one of the trucking industry’s hidden gems: C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth. For entry level truck drivers in Texas, there is no better place to receive quality truck driver training. Since its opening in 2000, C1’s student-first attitude, well-maintained equipment, and comprehensive training curriculum have made the Fort Worth campus one of the best CDL training schools in the trucking industry.

C1 Truck Driver Training is located on the south side of the city and just one block away from Interstate 35, making it easily accessible for students from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Because of its unique location, C1 is able to give students valuable experience driving in highway, city, and rural situations in addition to the basic driving skills: backing, turning, shifting, and coupling a trailer. Besides extensive behind-the-wheel training, students at C1 also learn about other important trucking procedures, including proper trip planning, book logging, and performing safety inspections in the campus’s high-tech classrooms. At the end of the training period, students are tested by the Texas Department of Public Safety, so all graduates are guaranteed to be properly trained and ready for a career in trucking. Fort Worth offers a 4-week CDL training program with a new class beginning every Monday, so getting started in the program is never a problem for new students.

C1 Fort Worth offers students the chance to learn on some of the newest, best maintained equipment in the industry. C1 uses late-model Air-Ride Freightliner tractors that are regularly inspected and are very similar to the type of truck students will be driving once they start out on their own. Being familiar with your equipment is critical to being a safe truck driver, so C1 makes sure to teach its students on actual models that are used in the industry.

The best feature of C1 Fort Worth, however, is the amount of personal attention and focus given to each and every student in the program. C1 is staffed by experienced instructors who have driven over-the-road, so they know the correct skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful and well-trained truck driver. And, most importantly, the staff at C1 loves nothing more than to see their students succeed. Rolan Hassell, an instructor at C1 Fort Worth who has been teaching for over 20 years, says “I get more satisfaction in doing this than anything else I’ve ever done.”

So if you’re in search of a truck driving school that will push you to succeed and give you to the tools you need to do so, you need to consider C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth, Texas. With a complete training program, a knowledgeable staff, and a focus on students, C1 Fort Worth has one of the best CDL training programs in the trucking industry. For more information, log on to www.ftworth.c1training.com.

C1 Truck Driver Training - Springfield

Looking for a truck driver training school can be a long, confusing process. Finding the right trucking school with the best training, most individual attention, and most convenient location for you is often the hardest part. But for entry level truck drivers in the Midwest, the decision has never been easier: C1 Truck Driver Training in Springfield, Missouri.


Located just 4 miles east of Springfield off
I-44, C1 Truck Driver Training is easy to access from nearly every part of Missouri and other cities throughout the Midwest. The school sits on 12 acres and, because of its location, gives students the chance to experience both city and rural truck driving situations. In just 3 weeks, C1 provides entry level truck drivers with the skills and knowledge they need to begin their over-


The most special part of C1’s program is the real-world training it provides. The CDL training course at C1 is taught by 12 instructors with an average of 14 years over-the-road experience. These instructors teach small classes, which allows C1 to provide more focused individual attention to every student they train. Over the course of 120 class hours, students learn the basic driving skills needed to earn a class A CDL license, including backing, turning, and coupling a trailer. C1 also realizes that a great truck driver is a safe truck driver, so students are also taught how to perform safety inspections, keep accurate log books, read maps, and plan trips. Most importantly, C1 Training students learn to drive on late-model tractor trailer trucks that are similar to the ones they will use on the road. With such a comprehensive training program, it’s no surprise that C1 is considered the number one truck driving school in the state of Missouri!


At C1 Truck Driver Training, students learn all the skills they need to begin a rewarding, successful career as an over-the-road truck driver. While some schools are part of a large corporation that rapidly turns out drivers, C1 is independently owned and believes it is the quality, not quantity, of its graduates that is most important. State-funded training programs may even be available to some students; to find out if you are eligible, simply contact C1 Truck Driver Training for more information.


So while the road in search of the best truck driving school may be long and winding, the choice that will get you over-the-road is easy. C1 Truck Driver Training provides the most complete, affordable CDL training in Missouri and will give you the tools you need to start your trucking career.

C1 Truck Driver Training - Indianapolis

With September hosting "National Truck Driver Appreciation Week," USA Truck Driving Schools has decided to feature one of the trucking industry's most well-known truck driving schools.  C1 Truck Driver Training in Indianapolis, Indiana has become the industry leader in CDL training sites. This state-of-the-art school, settled in the middle of the Midwest, provides entry-level truck drivers with the tools and knowledge they need to get started in a trucking career right away.

C1’s Indianapolis campus is located on the southeast side of the city and provides convenient access to nearby interstates as well as the city streets of downtown Indianapolis. These types of truck driving situations are often the most difficult and stressful for new drivers, so getting the chance to practice on busy city roads and interstates while in training puts this school’s graduates at a huge advantage. The truck driver training school sits on a custom built 12-acre driving range that is ideal for practicing the backing, turning, and parking maneuvers that students will learn during the CDL training course. Also, the campus offers newly-constructed multimedia classrooms, a comfortable student lounge, and administrative buildings that were finished in July 2006.

Students at C1 Truck Driver Training learn to drive on some of the best CDL training equipment in the industry. The trucks are late-model Freightliners with both 48 and 53 foot van trailers that have simulated loads to help students adjust to maneuvering both loaded and empty trailers. The school also offers a truck components lab that gives students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the many parts of a semi up close and personal. C1 Indianapolis also offers a staff of 20 experienced truck driving instructors, all of whom have at least 2 years of truck driving experience. These instructors spend time with students on the range, on the road, and in the classroom to give real-life advice and create a personal student-teacher relationship for each individual. The curriculum at C1 Truck Driver Training uses a variety of teaching methods, including classroom lectures, tests and study aids, interactive videos, and hours of hands-on driving to give students the best learning experience possible.

Attending a CDL training course is about more than just earning your CDL – it’s about learning how to be the safest, most knowledgeable truck driver you can be on the road. At C1 Truck Driver Training in Indianapolis, every person who graduates is fully trained in every aspect of driving a truck, from trip logging to gear shifting. By offering state-of-the art facilities, a complete curriculum, and lots of personal attention for students, C1 Indianapolis has become one of the best places in the country to get CDL training.

For more information on C1 Truck Driver Training’s Indianapolis campus, log on to www.indy.c1training.com.

As a proud member of the Driver Solutions Network, C1 Truck Driver Training in Indianapolis offers affordable options for entry level truck drivers looking to begin CDL training. To find out if you qualify for reduced cost truck driver training, visit the Driver Solutions Network site for more information.

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