Do trucking companies offer a training tuition reimbursement plan?

By Biff McGee, Guest Columnist
Article last updated on 1/8/2008

Most trucking companies will offer some sort of reimbursement program if you paid for your upfront tuition costs out of pocket. However, some carriers will only reimburse you if you attended a CDL training school that they approve of or have an affiliation with. The problem with this is that you may attend training, pay for it on your own, get hired by a company, and then the company refuses to repay you for the money you’ve already spent because you went to a different school. And some companies will only reimburse you up to a certain amount, such as $5,000, so if you spent more than that to get your training, you won’t get the remainder back.

To avoid that situation, I recommend not going through any training program that requires you to pay for your tuition upfront. Instead, find a company-sponsored training program where the carrier will pay for the upfront training cost and allow you to repay them a portion of your tuition while you work for them. With a position like this, you will not even have to pay back your entire tuition - only a part of it, and never all at once. All a carrier will normally ask for in return is that you drive for them for one year. Why wait for a company to pay you back for your training when you can find a company that will cover the upfront cost for you.

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