Do trucking companies have a rider program?

By Mac Longacre, Veteran Truck Driver & Staff Writer
Article last updated on 1/8/2008

Trucking companies realize that their drivers have family and friends that they will miss while they’re out on the road. Most companies allow their drivers to have a rider come with them at certain times, and some carriers even allow pets in the truck too. However, every company has its own rules and restrictions, such as the age of the rider, how long he or she can be with the driver, and whether or not the driver must purchase additional insurance for the rider. Generally, most carriers do not allow more than one rider in the truck at a time. If having your family on the road with you is important, you should find a carrier with a very liberal rider policy.

Some trucking companies also offer team positions for either long-haul or dedicated routes. Many people choose to team with their husband or wife, brother, or friend if they feel that being alone on the road will be too difficult. Most companies require that the teams be naturally made, which means they won’t team you with a person you’ve never met before. Team driving opportunities are great for people who have a family member or spouse who is also interested in truck driving.

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