Will I have to load and unload the truck?

By Gus Murray, Driver Recruiter & Special Contributor
Article last updated on 1/8/2008

Years ago, most truck drivers had to help load or unload their trailers when they arrived at a stop. Today, however, trucking companies are finding that it is safer and more profitable to have another company’s employees load and unload shipments instead of the drivers. Almost all of the major trucking companies offer drivers a “no touch freight” policy – that is, the driver won’t have to worry about touching his truck’s cargo when he picks it up or drops it off. Most companies have between 75 to 85 percent no touch freight, so in some situations a driver may still be required to help loading or unloading a truck. Most of the time, however, you won’t be required to touch your cargo at any point in the haul.

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