Understanding Trucker Talk

By Tracy Trickle, Staff Writer
Article last updated on 8/23/2007

Almost every group of people around the world has a special language: a way to communicate that only its members understand. The truck driving industry is no different. Although it may sound funny to the average person, driving a ‘bobtail’ or making a ‘drop and hook’ are everyday activities in the truck driving world. This “trucker talk” is used throughout the trucking industry, whether it’s between carriers, at the truck stop, or over the CB.

Truck drivers use a wide variety of terms to describe everything from the equipment they use to the type of routes they drive. For example, a “reefer” is actually a term for a trailer that can haul refrigerated goods, while a “no touch” load means that the driver is not responsible for loading or unloading his cargo.

There are a countless number of terms that truckers use everyday, so the world of “trucker talk” is truly unlimited. Regardless if a driver is OTR (over-the-road) or enjoying some home time, he knows that he can communicate in this unique slang with other truckers from all around the country.

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